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Looking for anything like Canvas 2 ~Niji iro no sketch~

I just finished playing the game Canvas 2 ~Niji iro no sketch~, and even watched the anime adaption, and i loved them. I totally loved them.

As far as the game goes:
I really loved it; i basically started playing VNs and eroges because i wanted to remember school days and first loves. This is actually the second game of this genre i play (The first being G-senjou no Mahou). I liked the background, since it was settled at school, i liked the graphic, since it's just how i prefer it, i liked the gameplay, since i was often prompted with choices to make (unlike G-senjou where you were prompted with a pair of options once every month), i liked the music, because it wasn't annoying and actually fitting with the many moments of the game(loved that sad track playing during dramatic moments) and i loved the plot: it was light, no heavy stuff, just sentimental, romantic and dramatic at the right points. No depressing shit, like person with random disease that condemns him to a life of disgrace whatsoever and other super sad things. Just sadness that comes from broken love relations, incomprehensions, unrequited love, and other small things we humans roll on. That's why i loved it. Of course, after going through all the plot, the reward of fucking your beloved one.

As far as the anime goes:
It was quite different from the VN, and i would have liked some points to be developed more, but it was nonetheless a pure win under my pov; it provided me a good romance story, settled at school (Yes ok, you are a teacher, but really: you are in your early twenties, you look like a 17 years old teenage, your childhood girl is as old as you, and all other girls are <17. It's like you were still a student at my eyes), with a main triangle(It's not necessary to be there a love triangle, i'm okay with a main pair aswell. I just lately noticed that triangles spice the story up, like in To love Ru, Toradora, Kimi na smth and another one) and much drama. A genuine drama, not coming from depressing things like "person in coma, bound to a bed, or cursed with some odd disease that sentences him to eternal suffering and disgrace" but rather from love incomprehensions, not being honest with themselves, and other things along those lines. Lovely ending, even tho i expected another end, tbh
Spoiler for ending:

So, i was looking for any other VN/eroge, or any other anime like Canvas 2 ~Niji iro no sketch~. I think i gave you enough hints. Just stick to the main point: anything like Canvas 2, or that resembles it for the 85% (Jk too high percentage, still that much would be preferred). Since i can't understand any word in jap, the eventual games have to be fully translated in english, and same goes for the animes (Even tho there usually isn't the problem for the latter).

This is the list of titles i've watched so far, with the corresponding vote near it (The vote isn't about the anime itself, but about how much that anime fits my requirements, thus of being a romance blablabla). Since the following animes differ under many point of views, i'll make two separate lists:

Spoiler for LIST:

The only thing to take into account: no ancient stuff. Something from 2003+ will do, and better if it's very recent, but i'm not that picky here.

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