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Originally Posted by ValvraveTruth View Post
Whats the point of fanbase grow if they are not even reading the book in the future? I doubt the sales will go up with just having readers to spoil those who don't read either. Ya there is nothing wrong with asking for spoilers. But look at the current members who actually asked for spoilers, will they even gonna read the book after it was translated? You yourself even said:"people don't want to invest their time in a story they'll end up dropping because it crashes and burns midway".

You saying I'm elitist, arrogant, and incredibly narrow is just the same as liberals telling off the conservative. If I am either elitist or arragant, My 1st sentense would be:"are you one of those who only want spoilers and not going to read it?" or I would have objected fully about those who asked for spoilers. But in my thread, I didn't strongly disagree with them, even I know asking for spoilers a continuation/support of post. I am totally all ok with asking for spoilers IF they are really going to read the book after it was translated. How can I even be "incredibly" narrow when I'm trying to tackle the current problem in the forum? The problem of those become Pros without reading any real stuffs. In the end everything is just about spoilers. I mean come on, you should know at least half of those comments posted are asking for spoilers and not going to read it. The other half are those who read it, and answer the spoiler question. Only tiny portions of discussions are done by those who actually read it.

Btw you need to read my thread properly bro.

Ya there is no problem. When your "occasionally" means half of the comments in a LN/WN thread asking for spoilers.
What do sales have to do with being a fan? I said that's why people want spoilers so they don't do that and the possibility of dropping a series midway is no grounds to deny newcomers and potential fans. Your view excludes these newbies from the start.

Whether they decide to read the translation after reading spoilers is their business. Heck, I've read all the translated chapters of Tsuki ga Michibiku and I find it much more efficient to read spoilers because I can't take the terrible writing style. This is an online forum where we type our posts not a stage with one microphone. If you and your group want to have a "real" discussion there's nothing stopping you from carrying that out. Requests for spoilers and spoiler posts will at most just force you to scroll. The very fact that half this thread of yours is spoilers must mean people just aren't interested in talking about it. That or they're discussing on another forum. Either way, a forum is an exchange of information and opinion. Spoilers and requests for spoilers have every right to be there along with worthless shipping, two bit criticisms, and fan gushing.
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