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Originally Posted by ValvraveTruth View Post
I'm slowly felt disappointed about the current LN/WN forum the recent years, mainly tackle on the members who ask for future events/spoilers when which of course they can't read japanese themself.

At first lets say someone posted a new LN/WN on either forum with minimum details about it and even listing out infos like 'is mc op' or 'about the girls in harem'. And then below members join in to ask for more expansion on the details/infos. Well everything is normal given its a new LN/WN and members want to know more to decide whether to read or not. But this is where the problems start.

As someone who read countless up to date(without any translation needed) LN/WN together with new ones, I really hate to see members asking for future events/spoilers without reading any of the books in the future. The WHOLE certain novel thread filled with this kind of posts, endless same question again & again. And what does this give birth to? Those who become the professors themself without reading any actual stuffs, start to lecture the contents like they know it all. I amazed that those who really read the books can spoil/answer those members like that countless time, destroying the real meaning of forum discussion, can't you see something is wrong?

Of course I know that many members can't read japanese and maybe waiting for translation. Im the type that believe the LN/WN forum to be for those who actually read and have real discussion, maybe some asking for spoilers from time to time. Not the whole forum become only for those who asking for spoilers, whats the point of forum even exist? But I guess this kind of problems cannot be address huh.
With you going out of your way to even come off as bragging that you can read the source material without need of a translation kind of leads me to think you just want to stand on a soapbox and preach.
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