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While I have to agree that the romantic relationship between the two has been dampened a few level in the game to series transition, it was never too explicit to begin with. I attribute this to two main factors. One, the series theme is different, and as such the message it tries to convey lies elsewhere. Two, we are superposing our own cultural nuances, and that just doesn't work when watching foreign media.
How about no.

I mean seriously, they're bloody married already. They were married before they freaking married, Nagisa was at his house every damn day making all his meals and talking to him like they were newlyweds. I'm looking for actual signs of affection between the two of them, because god damn it I think we deserve that type of interaction at this point. Shows like Toradora and To Aru Majutsu no Index incorporate body language into the conversations taking place between the main characters, and it adds sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to the actual relationship between the two interacting. Something like Taiga rubbing her feet on Ryuji's back, or Index with her arms around Touma and them rocking back and forth a bit does VOLUMES to display a link between two characters without even talking.

This show utterly lacks that. Again, the only time she's managed to even brush his face adoringly or WILLINGLY gone close to him is when she was drunk, otherwise she was just rushing to his side in a crying fit after he managed to conclude the problem of whatever arc the show was carrying on about.

Come on, is it really asking for all that much, especially from a MARRIED couple? I mean, fuck the graduation, getting married is a much, much, MUCH bigger step in life, but we don't even get to see that either. I mean I can understand cultrual nuances, but we're past that point of high school shyness, so I would hope we're entitled to it in some form.

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Erm, you know, Key? There's gotta be a "things are gonna get weird now" moment.
Yeah, I know Key. I know them very well.

But I keep coming back anyway.

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I'm going to blame it all on you when it does.

Just you wait.
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