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ok got a couple of questions:
first from what magazine is this and scans?

LOL, actually, half of the rankings were todally crack (esp if you consider the descriptions.)

Hmm, IIRC the boohoo rankings

1. Turn 25 Lelouch's death
2. Turn 19 Rolo's death
3. Stage 23 Euphie's death
4. Turn 13 Shirley's death
5. Stage 14 Shirley and Leluch

------crack begins-------------------
6. Turn 18 the Freya Massacre
7. Turn 17 stamp stamp stamp
8. Turn 9 Loli empress' "Xingke!!"
9. Turn 24 Nunnally confrontation

------I call this miracle--------------
10. Turn 22 the onesided yet unforgettable Kalulu chuu

I've been reading trough the previous ten pages or so and I came across this:

Originally Posted by Lie View Post
The character profiles, on the other hand, clear up a lot.
Kaguya did not know the truth.
Kallen, Nunally, C.C., and Suzaku did.
Kallen's answer 'kinda'.
Lelouch's little wish.
Kallen and Gino = comrades, nothing more.
C.C.'s not seen as a lover.
Shirley's understanding and the loss she was to Lelouch.
Lelouch being dead.
(from geass*net but still applicable) Nunally's vision and strange magical power to just see into people's hearts. (seriously wtf was this?)

If you put all that stuff into the actual anime, you sink a lot of crack. Clear up a lot of shipping, clear up a lot of character conclusions, clear up a lot of the confusing 'open' ending.
where did you get this info, scans, translations?

and also:
where can I find the previous? so 1 -... ?
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