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Moved my post from the romance/war thread to this one. Seemed more appropriate.

Even myself have got to admit, I wasn't expecting this poem to make me feel even more sadder for Kallen. This poem makes alot of sense for Kallen's character and Lelouch's "live on" line. Kallen was ready to die for her brother and for Lelouch back during turn 19/22. Lelouch knew this thus his silence after their kiss. Kallen knew what he was going to say "I love you" and also realized why he didn't. There is definitely an understanding between the two that really speaks to me given the short amount of time they had together. Kallen wasn't expecting to live and Lelouch gave her life. That's beautiful to me.

My gf believes it could have been one of the reasons why Lelouch wanted Kallen to return to Ashford with him. He could have known Kallen wasn't planning on coming back to Ashford.

I tend to agree with most of the other members interpretations of the poem. No need to repeat what been already said.
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