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Originally Posted by Gohan78 View Post
Actually I have a LOT of issues with the guy:
a. Episode 1 - He loses a job because he wakes up at noon. Later, he rejects the pay for his work at Echoes because they had no customers. This is just stupid because 1. he needs the money and 2. his time is still worth something.
b. Episode 2 - He calls Misaki to tell her about Akira's cake but he chickens out and instead speaks of trivial matters.
c. He refuses his father's offer for food, only to later go back to daddy's home to beg for money.
d. He lies to Yuki over the phone about speaking with Rina and about Haruka at the door.
e. He tasks Haruka to register for him at the university after treating her like an annoyance. It's true that she offered to help in the first place but he could have been more grateful.
f. He has the gall to think that Rina is helping him go out with Yuki because she likes him.
g. He forgets the meeting place, thus making Rina wait for nothing and wasting the entire day he should have spent with Yuki.

So far, he definitely does not deserve the love of his harem.
Not everyone is perfect you know.
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