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So, why are "Level 0's" considered to be failures if they have powers anyway? I can understand the issue with Touma, who has an ability that isn't psychic yet prevents him from having psychic or magical abilities. All of the scientists failed to give him any new powers.

But for Tsuchimikado? He gained an ability as well, and though he is a magician I don't see why he's still Level 0, and why his ability is classified as such.
Because their power is weak. So weak that it practically is pointless, like able to bend a spoon. They all have powers to a certain amount, but if it is too low, then they classify it as 0.

His ability is NOT classified as level 0. He's a level 0 of that ability. There are others with his regeneration ability, but they can be higher than 0. To be sure, I'm just trying to make sure, but he is NOT level 0 because of his ability. Just that HIS ability/powers are just so low, it is classified as that.
Genes, luck, you know, those type of things are one thing that determines why his ability is weak. You can still train yourself and get stronger though.

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Does Sasha/Misha show up anywhere else in the series outside of the Angel Fall arc?
Yes, but not for a while.

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