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Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
next on my figurine list is to find a good Horo one to add to my collection.

Also, I'm alittle confused as to how Wolf incarnation -> wheat.
How does Horo being a wolf allow her to protect the wheat harvest?
Well, Horo is an un-natural being, so it really doesn't matter that she can use wheat to tap into her abilities. All we know is when she came into contact with human beings (especially in Pasroe[?]) she was kinda young for her species back in the day (around 100ish when she left Yoitsu) and she promised some young boy in Pasroe who wasn't afraid of her, that she'd watch over their town harvest. Since then the villagers of Pasroe worshipped her as a diety/god even though it wasn't really her thing.
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