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Originally Posted by sarahwest View Post
Though I didnt read the novels and neither do I understand Japanese;
1. here is a good summary of volume 4 I read on MAL:
Why Always The Quick And Easy Route? We all know by this point that everyone's favorite wolf-reincarnate values actual effort.

The interplay between Lawrence and Horo in this latest episode-IMO- isn't as pleasurable as what you would find in the forth volume. That oh-so-close moment on the stairs toward the end of this episode? That was nothing. I didn't read of anything like that in the aforementioned summary which just focused on the plot. The plot of chapter 4 is merely a wrapper for the true treat of this series.

I urge those few stranglers to drop the stubborn act and just read that darn chapter.

Consider putting the entire spice and wolf series into a bite-size summary...I bet you won't find that enjoyable.
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