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Originally Posted by Binjovi View Post
Yes. The image was done entirely from scratch, however I did use some stock splatter images to get the blood patterns.
Aaah, so you did use stock images... sounds easy now. I bet you didn't even take any effort in, you know,all the rest of the image.

Joking, amazing work, again. I tought you have used an already finished background. I am amazed, really.

Hey, we could use this background for the prologue right? Can you make a clean version of it? (or it isn't what Kaisos had in mind?)

Originally Posted by scify View Post
Also, Kaisos likes fucking with us way too much.
Already done. Look for Kaminako on google.
I found a few. The first one was very ugly. But the others are pretty. Anyway, I was wondering more about her personality. Kamina is way too manly to make a easy transition. I guess it would be somewhat similar to Hruhi, but more extreme. And less jerkass.
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