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Originally Posted by bigemperor View Post
Something i don't remebered

jessica was killed in the sound novel? because in this episode they don't show that happened to her.
Spoiler for How it happend in the VN:

I also thought this episode was awesome.
At first I thought it was kinda bad for Mirage Coordinator to not be there, but they can better use it in Episode 4...this time it would have been over before it started, because as goldenslaughter it has this typical, terribly long starting passage...

The only complaints would be the missing web of red...this really annoyed me, because with that it would have become clearer that Battler is in a real pich that it kinda looked like he just resigned in front of the red truth.
They could have at least let the words strangle him a bit, if they were already floating around him.

But aside that the episode worked perfectly and did what it had to do.
I'm really excited to hear what anime watchers will think about the end of Episode 3.
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