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Originally Posted by plmko View Post
1. Most of the games you mentioned are deathmatch games, as so obviously they cannot be played offline, that would defeat the purpose of the game.
2. There are lots of successful offline MMO like games, take Diablo or even the newer borderlands as an example. But again MMOs ala WoW wouldn't make any sense offline.
3. Many multiplayer games offer bot support, if you want a good example checkout Quake wars with possibly the best bot AI. So why can't other games have it?
4. Notice how all the deathmatch games have no context/ storyline etc, Isn't L4D inviting you to play it offline at the very least?
5. Fighting games do have offline gameplay, many offer a strong single player like Tekken. Fighting games also originate from single player.

Obviously we are taking in generalisations here, but in the context of L4D, I see it as a viable single player experience.
If there are exceptions you simply shouldn't have said "a game" as in "all games".

And while those singleplayer you list possibilites do exist, for me they aren't a viable option to enjoy the game. If I temporarily don't have the option to play with my friends or other people on the net, instead of fighting bots in a game clearly designed for multiplayer I'd rather play something with a full-fleshed singleplayer-experience.

Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
In my honest opinion, while I think a lot of the new content is great, I think it still has a lot of balance problems and AI issues. When I say the AI is dumb, I didn't mean just the survivors AI. The enemy AI also tends to be pretty dumb as well, and hardly a challenge if your team knows how to stay together and simply rush through. I did it several times on Expert with a few exceptions which, in my opinion, shouldn't even be possible.

Overall, what I was trying to get at, and failed to mention it in thi particular manner, was that it seems more like an expansion pack and not really a full sequel (new enemies, new guns, new weapons), since gameplay-wise, it is still almost exactly the same. I can justify this because the things that annoyed me about L4D 1 I didn't feel were properly addressed. If I complain about them, then certainly I'm not the only one, because I know people complained about the same things I am now in L4D 1. Not to mention it still uses the exact same engine. It just has better graphics this time.

I'm missing the "wow" factor that I was expecting, and everyone seems to be overhyping about. Sure, it LOOKS better, but it plays almost exactly the same, unless you did what I did a couple games and tried to do melee-only. Which typically fails, but is good for laughs. I actually got to the middle of the hedge-row area but I died when I tried to cr0wn a wandering witch with my machete. Catastrophic (though expected) fail. Though it is fun, I still can't see myself buying it for the full price. If I get news about major issues fixed, then I would be more than happy to. But as is, I'll probably end up waiting a while til the price drops.
That's a valid point there, the AI of the SI is indeed still quite horrible and does possibly detract from the campaign-experience. I don't really mind since I only play Versus but I see how it would affect people who prefer to play campaign. But it might get balanced out by realism mode, I imagine no outlines + less damage on bodyshots to be more of an upgrade to difficulty than one might initially think.

What I don't understand is your second paragraph. Though I fully disagree, I won't argue with you if you think it doesn't warrant a sequel, that's for you to decide. But unlike you I feel that all the annoyances of L4D1 are being adressed in L4D2: If you don't have time for the sometimes very long Versus-matches you can play a few rounds of scavenger, any kind of corner-camping will be eliminated by the charger and the spitter, lack of variety in both survivor and infected play is adressed by more weapons/tools and more SI, crescendos are no longer boring events where everyone just points his shotgun at the only entrance to a small room.
What exactly are thinking about when you say that there are unadressed issues?
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