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Originally Posted by Darklord_bg View Post
Where are you getting this from? Naruto lacks backbone? Luffy? Ichigo? Edward Elric? Allen Walker? Gon? Goku? Really, lack of back-bone is really un-common for most shounen heroes. Stupidity - definitely, but not cowardice.

Besides, if it is as you said and shounen is about becoming a man, then why do you expect the main character to be a man at the beginning when he's only 13-15 years old. Why do you hate shounen leads so much?
Naruto? yeah he was a coward, rewatch the first arc and see how many times he almost pissed himself.

I don't mean it as a whole, I'm merely pointing an archetype that is annoying, these types generally fall under the romantic comedy shonens though.

Like Keitaro from Love Hina, The weak, indecisive, coward who's generally socially inept but has a heart of gold types. I can list tons of manga with characters that start out with this type of persona but slowly changes throughout the series. I'll start out with a small list of a examples:

Ane Doki
The Breaker
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (although I actually like this one)
GE - Good Ending
Love Hina

Basically anything that involves female companionship.

Just FYI, when I say "to become a man", it's a literary term used for when a story is about a young boy maturing through hardships and etc.

And Shonen age is elementary thru highschool age it's not 13 - 15.
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