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I'm pretty sure that Miran was just taking things too far based on what he wants for Sion. He thought that Toale would be a good ruler which would be a negative for Sion when it comes to conquering. So he took the initiative in getting rid of that threat. That encounter just proved to Sion how much of a danger Miran is. Leave that guy alone and he could do some dangerous stuff. Unless someone can read minds there is nothing to prove that Sion had any clue that Miran would take that action.

The Ferris and Ryner beating up does get a bit tiring since it's almost the entirety of Ferris's character.
it is Shion's job to know more bout his subordinates, now he realised Milan's character he should be able to use/control him better

to me the Ferris beating Ryner parts seems fun, anyway both of them are monsters that seem to heal very fast

why does Milan has to flash his red light ring ALL the time...
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