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Firstly, FxR went back because they had disposed of the assassins. And they thought that was it so their job was over. The fight scene was actually cut out, and only a few bodies were shown. It was one-sided anyway so there ain't much to show.

Toale did nothing. In fact, it was mentioned that his father started conspiring with other nobles, including those of Roland, since the king (of Nelpha) started having thoughts of changing the successor to Toale. Miran just thought Toale as posing a future threat, if he becomes king, to Roland's ambition to conquering the continent, and decided to remove him.
I rewatched that part. Shion went off to the king to tell him what happened and Miran left to finish off the remaining conspirators. Shion didn't anticipate Miran was going after Toale so soon. He screwed up. His lack of foresight pit Miran against Ryner and Ferris.


There is a method to Ferris' madness. Ryner is really unmotivated and lethargic. She's beating the laziness out of him and spurring him onward. Kiefer and Shion never managed that before.

She doesn't beat him gratuitously. She's conditioning him.
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