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Originally Posted by Satoru
So what? I wouldn't call him a mass murderer. He is a pioneer.

Btw Do you know the reason he killed the clan? Do you know the real secret of the Uchiha? It's possible that Itachi is a hero.
I called him a mass murderer because he commited murder en masse, he killed nearly everyone in his clan, including his parents. You could be implying that the entirety of the Uchiha clan was corrupt, but there has been no evidence provided to even suggest that.

If he DID commit these acts in an attempt to bring out Sasuke's potential that still is hardly a reason to justify what he did to his family and his brother's mind.

I can get that people like villains, I don't though. As cool as he is and as uncool as Sasuke often is, I'd still have to say when comparing their actions I like Sasuke more.

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