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Originally Posted by Ero-Senn1n View Post
If we divide the population in Sasuke-types and Naruto-types, then you would be Sasuke-type
If you were Naruto-type you would not hate Sasuke despite him being a jerk
But you are Sasuke type so you just state your hatred towards Sasuke instead of trying to understand him
If only things were black and white like that. I'm neither.

I'm not the type to just take a jerk's actions and blindly forgive them.
Neither am I the type to blindly hate Sasuke without understanding him.

I understand why he's the way he is, that his past experiences have all brought him up to be as he is. However understanding him does not in any way equal liking him. His choices, regardless of his past, have not been to my personal liking. His personally has always clashed with mine (so to speak) making me garner no fondness toward him even before he started making what I personally conceive as bad decisions.

There are plenty of other reasons why I do not like him, but frankly I can't be bothered to name them all.
But to simplify things: I don't like him because I don't like the character, some of his past decisions and the way Kishi has used him.

If there is a need for a label, I am neither a Sasuke or a Naruto type, but a simple Observer or Reader type. I see the events and decisions, and then judge them according to my preferences.
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