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I've been poking into Japan's National Public Safety Commission out of pure curiosity, and something occurred to me.

Is there some quirk in the way Japanese special forces are organised that inspire creators like Masamune Shirow to subsume different branches under individual ministries? In the world of Ghost in the Shell, for example, Public Security Section 9 frequently clashes against other sections, such as Section 6, which I vaguely recall belonging to the foreign ministry. There is also a Section 4, which belongs to the defence ministry, if I'm not mistaken (probably am; it's been a long time since I've read the manga).

Reason I asked is because something similar occurs in the hume nation of Bastok, from Square-Enix's FFXI.

The special forces of this particular nation — known as "musketeers" — again serve under different ministries. The Iron Musketeers serve the Ministry of Trade & Industry, the Gold Musketeers (spies, in effect) serve the Ministry of Mining and finally, the elite Mythril Musketeers, who answer only to the senate-elected president.
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