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Originally Posted by bakAnki View Post
Were Yozora and Rika really thought the Tower they did was really cute or they just a great actress, so they can make Sena feels good about it? As for Yukimura, as he seems not capable to tell a lie, I thinks he was indeed thought it was good

The girl talk about their hair was certainly cute though. They just look like three normal girls there, aside from Sena and Yozora tsundere-ish "only your hair that's good" XD

Yozora felt bad and apologize to Sena? I wonder why she starts now though.

Can't help going DAWWW both time when Sena murmurs "Uuu Kodaka"

uhmm... i think they did that to make Sena feel bad. Since it was Sena who said she was perfect enough to handle a heaping, so it wasn't actually Yozora and Rika's fault. Plus, it just proves that her hair doesn't actually look cute i suck at explaining ||D
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