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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
The cover clearly shows "Purple Haze Feedback" on that link I posted....
I thought that was the name of the website. In any case, I'm looking forward to reading this manga.

I suppose this one is really a matter of personal taste, so I don't think I'll be of much help here (though I assure you that even Araki's pre-Jojo stuff is still as unusual as ever). But if I had to make a personal suggestion, I would say it would be worth checking out "Under Execution Under Jailbreak", which has a collection of bizarre short stories from Araki (one of them starring Rohan, so it does have a connection to Jojo there). It's especially awesome for Dead Man's Questions, which I believe I mentioned earlier this thread.....
I read those stories some time ago and I thought they were alright. I just read the new Rohan story before making this post and it was okay, too much modeling for my taste I'm afraid.
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