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Actually, I'm not really sure now if the anime is going to cover ALL of the sagas.... most of the promotional stuff I've been seeing so far only covers Phantom Blood. But we'll find out for sure soon enough, I think.....

Anyways, I forgot to mention before that Araki took another break this month, so no Jojolion. However, that does not mean any lack of interesting news:

-A new addition is coming to the "Vs. Jojo" series of novels (that Fugo novel that was mentioned on the previous page is a part of that series, BTW), this one focusing on the relatively unknown father of Joseph Joestar..... Jorge Joestar:

What's really interesting is that we even learn why his name is spelled "Jorge" instead of "George":

ONE 91919
My name is Jorge Joestar. Though the name comes from my grandfather, a nobleman, it's spelled JORGE. Latin-style.
When I asked why it didn't sound English, my mother laughed.
"You were born here on the Canary Islands, after all. And if it weren't spelled so, no one would call you JOJO, would they?"

Apparently, the first chapter of the novel was even included in this month's Ultra Jump, but it hasn't been scanned. Well, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this whole novel translated, that's for certain (I especially want to see how Jorge and Lisa-Lisa met)....

And speaking of the Jojo novels, here's something else really interesting to note: It turns out that translator Kewl0210 is working on translating "JBA 4th Another Day", a novel focused on Jojo part 4. Here's the page for it. Mind you, I haven't started reading it myself yet since I don't have time right now (plus my laptop is going haywire right now), but I'm definitely going to be checking this out soon enough, since part 4 was always one of my favorite Jojo sagas.

Uh, and just a reminder: While these novels do contain some illustrations by Araki, he is NOT the author of these books.
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