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Originally Posted by Xacual View Post
What are you talking about, he already said yes and took her along, we saw her with him right at the end of the chapter. That's why I'm complaining Baam doesn't usually put people at risk, even those he doesn't know. It just seems out of character for him to do it.
Hmmm where I read it must have had some pages missing then since I didn't see that, I will have to go and re-read on a different site now.

Well she did volunteer and seemed to be confident in her skills. Viole doesn't put people at risk and tries to do everything alone. Baam is actually pretty open to letting people work with him and working as a team to get stuff done. (I Know they are the same person, when I say Baam I mean before he was captured and Viole is him after he was captured). So I feel this is something Baam would actually do, even though he is Viole right now, he is slowly getting comfortable again and going back to his old ways which I think could bite him in the ass eventually.
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