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...i was a little dissapointed when they(meaning kisame and itachi) just said about the storm..atleast kishimoto could of made them say something more interesting eh...and could leave us on a cliffhanger...

I thought the line was very fitting.

The two things people have failed to touch on or reconize at least from what i've read on the forums are; Itachi is incredibley rationale and intelligent, during his arc to konoha in part one he always told Kisame to settle down because his moves stood out too much, which would have drawn unecessary attention, he retreated saying "we didn't come here to start a war", also he reconized Naruto was in a weak state and he could aford to pass or bide his time until a more oppurtune moment presented itself for capturing Naruto. ie when Jiraya wasn't present. Itachi is probably the smartest most calm shinobi that i've seen in the manga up to this point, I doubt he will die in the near future. Even under the circumstances, whether or not he captures Naruto or defeats Sasuke, well only time will tell.

Also Akatsuki's goal is capturing the nine tailed beats. Well they do have what is it 6 of the 9 thus far? Meaning they do have them at their command which would throw a wrench into the plot.

I must say I really like the idea of Kakashi taking the proverbial 'bullet' for Sasuke. As I can't see Sasuke being capable of taking down Itachi with his 'god of the moon' MS jutsu, even with the sharigan Kakashi was uanable to do squat against it. "The storm is coming" is analogical to a whole bunch of Sh*T is going to hit the fan ASAP and alot of things are going to be revealed and come into play. Right now Naruto is reaching its climax and people should see it for what its worth and apprieciate the good writing rather then knock it or compare it to other manga series. It is what it is, and I think thus far a very detailed and fine story is about to reach its high. Love it for what it is, not for what it's not :P
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