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I just read the chapter. The spoiler was accurate for once. I was skeptical but it all made since after reading it, even Juugo's reason for being convinced to join Sasuke.

I love the ending where Itachi says, "It looks like a big storm is coming".

Obviously that means a big conflict, I hope we get to see some real action.

I wonder what Suigetsu is going to do with Kisame's sword. How is he going to carry both swords? Obviously Kisame's sword is more valuable but I don't see the use of sword collecting. Whatever works though, a conflict between those two Mist ninja would be great.

This is a good turn for the manga, Itachi has gone from the hunter to the hunted!

I have a feeling that when the eventual encounter does occur it will not be the last that we see of Itachi. This may be one of atleast a few battles where Sasuke fights Itachi but gets interrupted somehow. Akatsuki still has an agenda so it is very easy to assume this is more than just Itachi's last stand.

So who is going with Naruto? Just Kakashi, Sakura and Sai? I would take Jiraiya and Yamato aswell but that maybe too big of a team.
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