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Originally Posted by Little Machi View Post
Let's start betting.XD I bet all the question arcs will be in the first season of the anime.
There isn't any confirmation for any specific amount of "arcs" for Umineko. In fact, it is even possible that we will have either extra content, or different things to build up few elements while the game is in progress. That is said there is high chance that we will have a faithful adaptation. That would be like the first 4 arcs in higurashi for the first season.

Personally, i would assume they will only start the premise with a 12-13 episodes season.

Originally Posted by Solafighter View Post
Mh without knowing the mangas and games, are they relations to the first 2 seasons?
Considering what the games offer up to the second episode, there isn't any connections, except some cameo and references. Being in the same universe or not, they are completely unrelated (pretty much like Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night).

Originally Posted by Dreamiel View Post
But I thought the website said "2009"
The 2009 mention is absolutely not related to the anime release date. There isn't any confirmation for the moment.
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