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Originally Posted by nestea2004 View Post
I'm so happy to see something done about the childhood friend thing though! =D
Hmmm, it might not die "just like that" however.

Would the author be willing to just toss away such a wonderful plot device?

While after a period of initial confusion, he has always saw Sora (his childhood buddy and one of the best friends he ever had) and Yozora (the pretty but somewhat eccentric and abrasive girl he just met upon transferring) as two completely separate persons, Kodaka has decided to continue to treat the 2 "personalities" of Yozora as 2 separate people. But now that he is in the know, the Sora part of Yozora's personality might become more noticeable for him ... Yozora is still Yozora.

This is definitely an option for the author.

And remember they did make a "promise" of sorts which got considerable air time. Promises and Anime, we all know how that goes.

PS: That and I'm quite sure the author - assuming he is not an amateur - has more or less already roughly planned everything out in advance ...
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