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Originally Posted by mironicus View Post
The whole childhood friendship thing does not matter anyway. It's a link to the past that Yozora can refer to and it's just giving her a fake secure feeling in the competition with the other girls.
I don't think it's making her feel secure at all. LOL.

It acts more as her motive than anything else and is the reason for the existence of the club.

She has feelings for Kodaka, both as her best friend ever - whom she wants to reunite with - and as potential love interest. That's why she dislike's Sena so much, she see her as a rival - and she wouldn't act the way she does if she was "secure".

While she realizes that they can't just "resume" their relationship off the bat, she still would like to get back together with Kodaka.

As for Kodaka, he probably has problems reconciling in his head the fact that Yozora is Sora, hence see them as two separate people, but he nevertheless part of him still treasure his friendship with Sora. He practically spends the most of the anime dreaming about her - that and there is his "interesting" reaction to seeing short-hair Yozora in the cosplay.

The two have a lot of (inevitable) catching up to do and given Yozora's personality it's going to take a long time.

That said, Kodaka will probably not see Yozora in the same light anymore, not as Sora - whom he always thought of as a boy - but not as the Yozora he has come to know over the last couple of months either.
His head is going to have to work over time conciliating the two views of Yozora as he does see Sora in Yozora - that's how he recognized her, and now that he knows he is probably going to notice it more - and as Yozora is Sora.

My 2c.
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