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I started this just recently, and just finished ep 1 of NEXT, so here are my two cents on Yozora:

Like quite a bit of the characters, I find she is got a socially awkward quirk that is almost painfully crippling at times particularly for her and Rika being around large crowds in the poll. Also, she rather has a chronic bullying side that is a bit much. A friend of mine is of a similiar personality, so I can understand it a bit, though it is trying. She does seem to have a desire to help others, but the way she does it is a bit much, like helping Sena with the eroge could be handled any number of ways. She just seems to be the type that doesn't know any other way to express themselves, ironically, she is the same as Sena in the regard, which is funny how she gets on the girl for being delusional and was just as into that galge in ep 2, proclaiming murderous vengeance on game characters. XD

Reading some of the other comments, I can say I am not really a supporter of one person, I find all the club members bring something to the table. Also, disliking one part of a character doesn't mean you can't like other parts. I dislike Yozora's ways in helping people at times and her unnecessarily sullen passive/aggressiveness, but I can see she does want to help in her own way. Just as I think Sena can be creeepy and abusive, she also is honest with what she wants and kind if she chooses to be. They are both rather immature and have growing to do. Kodaka rests in the sidelines too much imo.
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