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normally, i'm a lurker, but it's 2am and i accidentally clicked on kairin and ended up on the thread.

after skimming, i'll throw in my 2 cents for redundancy's sake.

kiva, the picture is awfully cute, and it made me smile to see the usually reserved, fantasy-material-type kairin in a whimsical 'love hina-esque' mood. the proportion issues are certainly there, but they've been beautifully addressed, so kudos to those who gave some wise advice (takes me back to when i used to doodle myself and my more experienced artist friends would use an extra layer on open canvas to fix my posture and sizing )

er, to the heated protests of "dan"... i can relate to your frustration with the ideological restrains present in pop culture and our reality as a whole, but taking it out on a harmless mascot on animesuki?

now, really.

take that energy and focus it to the hordes of college students traipsing around their campuses wearing slight variations of the same hollister/abercromie sweatshirts. or Barbie manufacturers. that's a cause i'd like to help out in, for sure.
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