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This side of her isn't really anything new though. It's largely a continuation of the same old we already saw in episode 1. The playful Hitagi we've seen since then is a part of the real Senjogahara, but that violent side we've seen a few glimpses of now is also a real part of her. Now I don't think that she goes around mugging people for fun, but she does seem to view violence and threat of violence as acceptable methods of solving her problems.

I personally do like that playful side of her quite a lot, but I dislike the other side far too much to actually like her as a whole. I've seen a fair amount of people say how lucky Araragi is to have a girl like her. I'd say that the opposite is true. Hitagi is lucky to have a guy who can actually tolerate that side of her, and not get permanently harmed from her actions thanks to his healing powers as a bonus.
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