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If anything, a sexual encounter with Senjo would be intense but not violent for Arawagi.

As a character, I think the author of the series makes her not bashful nor affraid of her body or desires despite previous abuse.

Living together ?

The script so far has her pretty much almost ready to have Aratagi-san do her some perverted things.... Naked apron breakfasts for the vote ?

Her violent tendencies have been the only thing to keep her saving her own skin... from the attempted rape till now. As long as he doesn't make her feel threatened in anyway... he is good to goorgasim.

It seems as if, aside from the issue with her mother's pedophile cult leader, other people have tried to do things to her. Ergo, violence to "save her own skin" (episode 1)

Beyond that, for the future, as Hanekawa puts it, the Senjougahara of NOW, she wants Arayagi-san.

Pretty badly...

Shitsure Kamimashita.
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