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Theft is also possible. Sulphur Pot lost the Mystic Reigns.

The Fluctuating Light is the one Arc no one's gotten, and it's presumed to rest in the heart of the Forbidden Palace that no one has breached, yes?

But the Luminary, the Destiny and the Infinity all came from the same palace?

The Palace is surrounded by walls which cannot be flown over or dug under; the only way to enter is through the gates, which are each guarded by an Enemy stronger than even Legendary class. Too strong for the Black King or any Element to defeat alone.

(Which suggests that KYH and her compatroits could solo Legendaries, otherwise I don't see them having enough false confidence to even try it.)

Azure Heir can enter the UNF from inside the walls, presumably because he's the crown prince. But surely he had to defeat at least some kind of Enemy to gain the Infinity. (Which is a straight sword rather than a katana? Huh.)
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