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Originally Posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
Vertical Climb was not a hidden ability. It is not something that Ash Roller originally had. That's why it was a bonus.

Ash Roller was built around the Night Rocker. The motorcycle may have already had various options like snow-treads for the "Ice and Snow" stage or a jet-ski mode for water-based stages (otherwise the bike would be a huge liability)...

But the power to climb walls was just as much an "extra" as the enhanced speed or the missiles.

For Silver Crow, having Aviation be hidden would have been like the Night Rocker or Pile Driver or Choir Chime start out unequipped and hidden from Roller, Pile and Bell. These are the central features they are built around.

Aviation is not an "extra", it's an "essential". Vertical Climb is no more essential to Ash Roller than Splash Stinger is to Cyan Pile.
There is no hidden ability in Accel World, it not just to appear. When Roller was Lv1 has nothing except the bike(just a normal bike with no additions at that time). Crow still has Punch, Kick and SP Headbutt. And a Lv2, full HP Roller still lost to a Lv1,damaged Crow(without Flight) in a first fight.
Even Lv1 Pile has nothing except his stinging attack, and Crow probably able to win again him(accord what happen in Vol1). The system decide that Crown Lv1 is fine without Flight. Actually it was rather unfair when he got Flight at Lv1, almost no Lv1 can win against him. That was the benefit to learn Passive Skill during battle, include doesn't cost bonus(even through it rather hard, especially if you not yet known the skill name. Its principle probably similar to what Raker said "You did not fly because of the wings. It’s the opposite. So that you can fly, you made the wings materialize.", a pseudo way learning IS skill.)

They'd get a spoon or a bear?
They'd get a Shen Long or a Game Creator?

Actually I'm pretty sure absolutely nothing will happen even if you claim every piece of Arc equipment.
tusjecht, that was a very basic scenario. You just need to collect them not equip, and you have many method to collect(fighting, negotiation, trickery, trap...)

In other words, «trying to connect with others» when they previously cannot.

...but Black Vise is punching a massive hole in this.
No, the basic is «isolation», after that you two sides of a same coin: «try to connect with others»--«strength to accept everything(Kirito happens)» or «reject others even more»--«absolute isolation(Black Vise happens)»

Also, "he already followed Kuroyukihime’s advice and put all of his level up bonuses into speed and flight time upgrades.". I think 'speed' refer to avatar's speed not flight's speed(the sentence express that way) and get really curious about the variety of 'bonus choice upgrade window'. Also if your «Enhanced Armament» isn't beginning equipment, you suppose to obtain it by using bonus. But after that, do you get option to upgrade it directly or only through its skills.

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