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Niko calls the four types of IS technique "basics", and says that the other, older Kings have long ago grown past their own mental scars while she still struggles with her own.

I just assumed that the White, Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue Kings have IS abilities unlike anything we've yet seen. Though Raker could very well be their equal or superior in that regard, as I doubt any of them spent as much time training their Image power.

KYH missed out on 2000 virtual years of training in comparison, unless she used private networks to dive into the Unlimited Neutral Field. She probably had to do that, from time to time, to hunt Enemies for points so that she could afford to keep Accelerating and checking for Burst Linker on the school network.

Poor Graphite Edge and Ardor Maiden couldn't even do that much. They'll be even more out of practice than KYH.
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