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Originally Posted by tusjecht View Post
They still can duel without fearing a God spawning on their ass.
So, EK mode or similar circumstances don't actually prevent you from accessing the Normal Duel Field?

Makes me very curious as to why Edge and Maiden haven't attempted contact with Black Lotus... and why they haven't been located or wiped out by the surviving Great Legions.

Brain Burst itself provides no method of Instant-Messaging other Burst Linkers. Haruyuki and Yuniko have to use regular e-mail and "telephone" calls to stay in touch. But given that KYH and Utai know each other's real names and faces... and Edge could use an anonymous e-mail address just as Haru and Niko do.

Wouldn't it also be possible to escape EK mode by running as far away as possible before the God Enemy kills you? Then running away some more when you respawn? Two years seems like plenty of time to "inch" yourself away from the Enemy's aggro-radius.
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