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And so it ends, at long last. I honestly can't say I'm going to really miss this show, since it had the common problems of an anime based on a long-running ongoing manga, but still, end of an era. I haven't read the Konoha novel so can't tell, but they sure dragged the Iruka storyline out. And aw, nice to see Naruto and Hinata in their wedding clothes- now if only we had seen the actual wedding as well as the actual chapter 700. Figures they skip that.

500 is a good number to end on, and wow, its already been over 10 years. I still remember when Shippuden began (and how annoying it was the way they jumped between the casual second bell test and serious Gaara capture). It was nice to see most of the cast show up one more time (at this age). Its a... relief to see the Naruto anime end successfully rather than be cancelled, and even then its still not over, what with Boruto starting up in a few weeks.

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