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Originally Posted by Kankel View Post
I gotta say it but your right Monir.This is one fight Ichigo is out place and is certainly NOT NEEDED so go away Ichigo you are a nuisance

Still I can't wait for next week
Seriously almost expected the old Captain to tell Ichigo to take a hike . Let him settle the match against the guy that talks too much. Be nice to see him do more than sit and pass judgement on people. Bring on the fire!
Originally Posted by Kankel View Post
I thought that by now any villain would know that the greatest downfall they have is to get them to monologue about themselves.

While the villain is busy talking, the hero can come up with a plan to defeat him.
Well luckily for him, Ichigo isn't smart enough to come up with a plan. He could have avoided this whole thing by hurrying it up and not talking about how he planned to avenge his dad. You'd think after planning this for so long that you'd hurry it up already.
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