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Originally Posted by Mitsuomi1971 View Post
Hehe I am just bitter because I was truly hoping Amagai would find his way into permanent status...It is a sign of a good job by the staff when people will miss a character, and Bleach has always done a fine job even though I do not always agree with the way things go. I am still holding out hope that they will find a way to keep him around...I surely realize that Amagai involving so many people can be called selfish or unthinking or uncaring...but realize that he blames the Kasumioji family and Yama for his Father's that is why Lurichiyo is involved...unfortunately Amagai is still blinded by his hatred and rage against them to try and live a normal life see that he tried to get Ichigo to move, which tells me he cares about people and he is not evil in any way...he is as Yama stated early in the ep before releasing his Zanpaku-to " a misguided fool" thing I noted with that he made Yama's eyes widen in fear and concern not once but twice in this ep...something no one in the anime has ever made him do.
He was probably amazed or whatever.

"That guy had a son....?!"
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