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Originally Posted by Melajo View Post
With that arm and the giant zweihander bankai, I'd say Amagai is the closest thing to Soul Calibur's Nightmare we'll get from Bleach.

By the way, what's with these fire-type guys and taking their shirts off in battle?
can somebody say
"Yama: it's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes
Amagai: am, getting so hot, I'm gunna take my clothes off"

So.... Ichigo can get away with calling yama-gii grandpa?
no really,ichigo's gunna get a slap in the face one of these dayss
prob walk to to aizen and call him sousuke then get cut in half again
and howww the hell did regular Ichigo randomly block a bankai-bakkuto-powered fire blast from amagai like a baseball, with nooo effort at all
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