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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post

I think that Mami was trying to show off for her new friends.

I just took it as Mami thinking "Finally!" given how Charlotte was proving to be a hard opponent for Mami to put down.

It's kind of like trying to swat away a fly for a few minutes, and you finally get him. Of course it'll give you a sense of satisfaction.
"It's like my body is floating. It's the first time I'm happy fighting, because I'm not alone anymore." - or whatever she says.
I don't think it was putting a gun against Charlottes face that made her happy. It was her situation. The smile, when shooting Charlotte) was directed towards Madoka. It wasn't pleasure in killing, but rather her being so happy that she, well, wasn't alone anymore. In the transformation scene, she did explain how happy she was.

Killing Charlotte was sort of the symbol of Madoka joining her.

That said, I also thought she was the bad guy. Until ep 3, that is.
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