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Originally Posted by Xion Valkyrie View Post
All this time I thought the One Shadow Nine Fist was the big honcho of Yami and Miu's dad.

Can someone explain the relationship again? I'm totally confused now.
the elder, explained to the story in chapter 430,the story began when Saiga and Shizuka met..and feel in love..,the problem Shizuka, she was a symbolic existence within her clan (Kuremisago),because she had a best genes,the rules of her clan, said that people with the best genes, were married,She could not marry one of another clan, in this case, Saiga, clan (Furinji), the clan split in two..,some supported Saiga, for marry Shizuka,other wanted to protect their tradition,the war began..,Saiga, during the fighting, he did not kill anyone,.but because the fight prolonged, and Saiga was protecting his friends,slowly he changed,and probably he began to kill..Shizuka wrote a letter to the elder saying that there was something wrong with Saiga, that he was changing..the old man tried to reach them, but found only Shizuka, who was died, and had hidden under the snow Miu..apparently, was Saiga, killing Shizuka, but we don't know why...(this, is mentioned in chapter 192 page 16p, when Miu remember for an instant something)
however, the elder, taken Miu with him and decided not to stop his son, who knew that he was alive,..we don't yet know because Saiga is became the leader of Yami..
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