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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
^Yeah, on one side, we have people who kill women and children for kicks, and on the other people who try to free them. Hard to tell who's the better side.
Then we have people who free known mass murders who even the people in his organisation don't seem to like, yeah..... And said guy was manipulating you and would go to great lengths in order to do and doesn't give two shits about you. From what we've seen guy really isn't all that much better.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
A few points I want to make on Gai.

The anime strongly suggests that Gai is racing against the clock. His plans typically have a sense of hurried desperation to them, as though time is truly of the essence. So I'm inclined to think that Gai is dying, and he knows that he has a small window of opportunity within which to accomplish his chief goals before he passes on.

Supposing that the reasons and motivations pushing him and Funeral Parlor forward are intricate and complex, it may simply be the case that Gai literally just doesn't have the time to go over them in detail with Shu. So he's going for quick and dirty emotional/moral appeals (have Shu witness GHQ commit an atrocity, later appealing to Shu through the gorgeous Inori).

Another possibility is that Gai is hiding something; something that he suspects, if not knows, would cost him any chance of gaining Shu's support if Shu was to discover whatever it is. So he's telling Shu as little as possible since that's actually more likely to gain him Shu's support than the alternative.

So, either way, I think there is a method to Gai's madness.
Then precisely what is his overall plan in this? He saves the world and puts in some sort infastructure with his small rag tag group all before he dies? It's far more likely his plan involves some sort of revenge for someone wronging him and wants to remove the current government because of that. Regsrdless how you look at it it's a douchebaggery thing to do that could have very easily messed up his entire "plan". Dying isn't much of an excuse if your actions could lead to the deaths of hundreds because of your ill thought out plan.
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