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Originally Posted by JediNight View Post
I don't mind the fanservice so far. This is being directed like you would a blockbuster Hollywood movie. Higher budget, lots of explosions, lots of motions merely for the artistic style, etc.

I wouldn't overthink it and just go along for the ride. They are at least doing the fanservice in a somewhat "eye wink to the 4th wall" manner -- as there are no up-the-skirt angles or gratuitous boob jiggling going on.
When Inori was captured in the first episode and the one guard whacked her in the face with his rifle her boobs jiggled. Also Tsugumi's ass jiggled in the second episode when she was in that weird terminal directing parts of the battle. There have been no up-skirts since nobody actually seems to wear a skirt in this show, but maybe once class prez gets more screen time there may be some opportunities for that.

Also I completely am along for the ride and not over thinking it all, the shows just makes it extremely easy to poke fun at it the very loose and flimsy way that Hiroyuki Yoshino is handling the script so far. I almost have to wonder if it's on purpose for some reason.
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