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I think this episode confirms that Eru is actually quite cunning under that naive exterior of hers, and that goes back to at least the hotsprings episode, and maybe before. I more and more think at least on some level, Eru knew that her ability in even the first episode to get Oreki to indulge her curiosity went beyond exasperation, and involved his physical inability to resist his attraction toward her. Part of her hyper aggressiveness before was just her quirky personality, but it seemed to also be a convenient way for her to get physically close to Oreki with some degree of plausible deniability (which I think she's still too bashful to do without)--ep. 19 was the most spectacular example of that. But the kimono scene showed her relying not so much on masking what she wanted to do with her eccentricities, and on a more straightforward form of flirting. And I think it's clear Oreki is responding well to it. Him carrying things for her was a nice touch.
I don't see it that way, to be honest. Remember that she has to ask Irisu how to persuade people and failed using that advice. Her "charm" only works on Houtarou naturally and not because she intended it to be so. I've said that before in the episode thread that I think her comment about the mixed bath was meant to show that she is an old-school type. (Someone mentioned that traditionally, onsen was always mixed until the western culture came in.) That comment was a part of her "high status family's lady," similar to how she is so worry about sparking a rumor while representing her family. It is something that we will comment, like Houtarou, that there's a world we have no idea about. It also add a little bit to her "mysterious" character as well.

I can see why a lot of people see it differently, but I simply see her offer of using her obi as just what it is. She simply try to provide the last option. It's not like she'll be completely naked if her kimomo comes off. It does, however, shows that she trust him enough to rather let him see her wrapped in a loose kimono than letting the rumor spread. Or she just value her family's image more than her dignity. Or both.
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