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Episode 1

This is 500% a pure unadulterated kids cartoon. The entire setting and premise is kid-focused. There is new technology in the world which allows children to be trained in driving AI-assisted cars. There's an entire school academy in this city dedicated to that focus! The academy also doubles as a secret defense agency! The main character is a gung-ho kid who loves to show off his driving skillz and loves pro-wrestling! He is selected to pilot the transformable robot-car test machine! There is an evil organization out to cause trouble! There's an ancient prophecy involved in all this secret advanced tech! Loool!

That said, this is surprising enjoyable if you approach it from the kids cartoon angle. It's not super amazing or anything, but there's some charm in how honest it is about what it is. The most disturbing thing about this show is how much CG there is, and how bad most of it is. There are many CG backgrounds, all the cars are CG, and this is a show about cars, so there are cars in almost every scene! And it's all mostly pretty bad!

Oh and here's the best part: The ending is a totally crazy Precure style motion captured full CG ED sequence where all the 5 main mechs are dancing to the beat of the music. No, I'm not kidding. Dancing mechs. Full CG. Motion captured. Lots of moves too. It's nuts. Lol.
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