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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
Reading that last part of your post made me remember a certain kids-anime about fighting dinosaurs which also has terrible dancing CG-Dinosaurs as its ED .

I haven't seen it myself but from your post, it looks like this one is heavily for kids and leaving nothing for the adults. Oh well, I guess I can go back watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal for my healthy dose of merchandise-related anime with decent story .
There isn't really much for someone looking for a more "all ages" sort of show, or something more "serious" so far. It's only the first episode, and they're kinda drawing it out, so we'll see. Looks like they plan on introducing one new hero car/mech per episode for now. The heroine gets hers next week.

Meanwhile everyone can enjoy dancing robots since someone uploaded it to youtube, lol:

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