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Hardly. As Tomiko implied, each human being is essentially a WMD with the capacity to exterminate all queerats. These WMD have repeatedly been used against the queerats so the queerats are quite aware of the destructive power and of the fact that humans will not think twice to use it against them. Once the decision was made to rebel, the only way victory can be guaranteed is through the elimination of every WMD. In fact, the humans essentially agree with this view of themselves, as they kill any young who show a hint of the potential to become a fiend.

For the humans, on the other hand, they can achieve victory without resorting to killing every last queerat. In fact, they probably only need to kill a few (the fiend, Yakomaru, etc.) to see the rebellion crumble.
So the only way that the rats can achieve freedom and humanity is to kill every last human, that is essentially what you are saying.

Is the measure of superiority (both for the humans and the rats) who has the potential to kill every last one of the others species?

edit: I do understand the rats have cause to fear a human who decides to massacre them all (in the same way the humans have a fear of a fiend) but I don't think the only solution has to be "kill them all".

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