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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Not every anime relationship needs to be sexualized.
But where would be the fun, then?

Though I concede you that there's at least one kind of relationship which shouldn't be sexualized: guytoguy.

Originally Posted by papermario13689 View Post
Pointless fanservice
Here we go with this old-non-sensical mantra again... Just because you don't get the point doesn't necessarily mean it's pointless.

Originally Posted by hyl View Post
Can you blame them, seeing that most of the time the more innovative work doesn't seem to pay off? Like the disc sales of the recent Shin Sekai Yori are doing horribly
I don't know. I've only seen part of the promotional material and, frankly, it looked horrible. So I guess the old adage "You reap what you sow" applies fairly well in this case overall.
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