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Originally Posted by Kudryavka View Post
I like fanservice, but if there's so much that it distracts from the story (example: Bakemonogatari and friends), then I don't care who's involved, I can't take it. I start feeling like I'm being treated like an idiot with a cock for a brain.

When I want slight titillation along with a decent story, I'll look for ecchi. If I want to turn my brain off and look at pr0n, then I'll look for hentai. I really hate when series straddle the line between ecchi and hentai, I'm like just pick one already.
Don't worry I am not judging anyone who likes a little fan service as long as they are honest about what it is.

I mean I might like a bishounen or a hot guy too (like in psycho pass I highly enjoyed the scene with Kougami with his shirt off ) and that's its own type of fanservice.

But yeah sometimes there is a bit too much fanservice in anime/manga whether it is for women or men. You shouldn't need fanservice to sell your product, the story & characters should do that.
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